Rib Cage

a bird lives within my torso. In a cage I made of ribs.

beady eyed, panic-stricken.

he flings his tiny body, bashing against this prison of my making.

desperately trying to break free.


he sings the darkest of songs.

telling stories of a life wasted. Of risks not taken.

threatening more profound connection,

more fervent adventure.

of all life could be if I set him free.


Photo from here. Words by me.

I wrote this over a year ago. Maybe two. And I never shared it. Because sharing is scary. Being vulnerable is scary. Putting yourself out there in the world knowing full well you may get trampled, beaten, broken down, is scary.

The thing I never expected to come out of my exploration of acting the past year is also the lesson I value the most. That being your true, authentic, messed up, beautifully chaotic self is the biggest service you can do for others.

By putting ourselves out there, we simultaneously set ourselves up for heartbreak. I now understand that the alternative – protecting your heart, hiding yourself and being cautious – gets you nowhere.

The thing is, NONE OF US, not one, will make it through life without being heartbroken.

Feeling nervous, vulnerable, terrified to your core, and still having the courage to do something anyway… THAT is a life well lived.

So, here I am.

Check out: 

Danielle Laporte – ALL of it. But, specifically, this

Anthony Meindl – Life lessons through acting. His latest video blog includes the wise insights about heartbreak, above. 

2 Comments on “Rib Cage

  1. Xoxoxo!

    Lois Bouchard


    “Every child belongs; every child matters”

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