i am loving… FRAME Denim, Fabletics, Ponchos and more

Chilly mornings, dark evenings, and setting our clocks back  leads me to deduce it really is November. Otherwise, I wouldn’t believe it. Time has passed too quickly. It’s not possible.

“What, already?”

My body is adjusting despite my heart’s efforts to the contrary. I crave movie nights in, long naps, cozy knits and scarves around my neck. Red wine with dinner (Oh, wait, that happens year round) oatmeal in the mornings, hot cups of tea in the afternoon.

In fact, this is the first weekend since June where I’ve stayed in bed both Saturday and Sunday morning. Reading, writing, pondering, listening to music. From the comfort of my duvet.

I am officially converted.

Fall, I welcome you with open arms.

Sorry I’m a little late to the party.

Here are a few other things I’m loving right now:


LGJ270-Jay-WayWhen I tried on my first pair of FRAME denim, it was love at first fit. Available north of the border at Aritzia, FRAME was founded in LA and London by Erik Torstensson and Jens Grede, who are the brains behind multi-media fashion marketing agency, Saturday Group. I hadn’t heard of the agency before I started researching the FRAME brand, but they are responsible for campaigns for labels such as Calvin Klein, H&M, Armani, Tory Burch and more.

I took home the Le Garcon’s in Blue Jay Way. It’s a pricey pair of jeans – about $250 – but they really are the perfect everyday denim. I certainly don’t spend this much on jeans very often – the fit and comfort is worth the investment. They are figure hugging all the way through, but miraculously there’s no cutting in at the hips, where dreaded love handles are usually accentuated in an unfortunate way. The cotton they use is extremely soft and has a perfect amount of stretch. I’m a new fan!

Fabletics Active Wear

Fashionable workout gear makes a huge difference in how I feel when going to the gym. It’s nice to put on an outfit that makes you look great when you’re about to get all sweaty and gross. However, my pocket book doesn’t always allow for expensive workout gear. But who wants to go back to that old baggy t-shirt and ill fitting sweatpants?! Not me. So what’s the alternative?

Fabletics is an affordable line of workout gear and active wear with really cute designs featuring bright colours and interesting patterns. Actress Kate Hudson is a co-founder and the face of the brand.

fabletics, kate hudson

Here’s how it works – VIP members received discounted rates off retail pricing, and each month are presented with a showroom tailored to their size and personal preferences. You’re charged monthly and then get to select your outfit, OR, can select to “Skip this month” and not have your card charged.

They make skipping really simple and easy to do – I’ve had other monthly subscription fashion sites behave contrary to this and after a long phone call with a service agent, ended up cancelling my account. I purchased my first outfit from Fabletics two months ago, and have easily skipped October and November after receiving their notification email that my showroom was ready. No fuss, no muss. Complete outfits start at just $49.95 – yes, COMPLETE outfits. That means pants, a top, and sometimes a bra or headband too. Great deal. The quality is top-notch and the fit is comfortable and flattering.

YAY for well-priced, quality, attractive options!


Ponchos & Capes


If you follow fashion blogs, Instagrams, or any celebrity news websites, you’ve likely seen the Burberry monogrammed cape on everyone from Sarah Jessica Parker to Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. Cara Delevingne debuted the poncho when she walked the Fall 2014 runway for Burberry. It’s a gorgeous piece that only the rich (or those who can blow $1,500+ on a single item) will likely enjoy. However, that doesn’t stop those of us with more modest budgets from taking inspiration from the look and searching elsewhere to satisfy the trend.

I for one really like the options available at Zara. There are a range of designs with pricing from under $100. Some are more jacket-like, while others look like a nice alternative to a sweater. At $249, my favourite is the Poncho Coat. I love the big, bold pattern and the neutral beige.



Leah Alexandra Jewelry

I came across Leah Alexandra‘s designs on Instagram via. The Cross Decor & Design‘s feed. A Canadian and resident of Vancouver, Leah’s pieces are handmade and look great paired with everything from jeans and a t-shirt to a ball gown. The designs are simple in their femininity.

On my wish list right now -the Wing Moonstone Ear Climbers and a coupling of the Grace Pearl Lariat Necklace with the shorter Moonstone Gem Necklace (as pictured below).


Browse online or buy from one of the many retailers that carry her products.



Image sources are linked from each photo

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