Necessary Clothing and Buying Online

Celia Dress

Celia Dress

I am officially a fan of Necessary Clothing. Ask my friends and coworkers, and they’ll tell you I have been receiving many a package direct from Broadway, NYC.  My personal style rule is to invest in the long-term, classic staples, but when wanting to have a bit of fun with your wardrobe, I’m a supporter of scouring stores like H&M and Zara for great deals and trendy pieces.

Grid Matrix Dress

Grid Matrix Dress

When I first came across Necessary Clothing online, it took much willpower to add a select few pieces to my cart, rather than buying the place out. I experimented with a vibrant, floral romper, a white mini dress and a midi-length ribbed dress. Each piece was under $20 US! (Whhhaaa???!) Upon receiving my first shipment, my coworkers and I went straight to the washroom here at the office for a mini-fashion show. Each time I exited the bathroom stall (glamorous, hey?) to “Ooohhs” and “Ahhhhs” from my girlfriends. I knew I had found a winner in this site. Success is sweet, and I have since made more purchases.

I do a fair amount of shopping online for clothes – it’s just so convenient and the selection is limitless. However, I completely understand the apprehension and hesitation of many women to buy online, without the ability to touch, see, and try-on the product in real life. There have been a few flops here and there, but I’ve had more success than failure.

Here are a few guidelines for buying clothing online:

  • Know your measurements Since you obviously can’t try stuff on before ordering, it’s important to know your bust, waist and hip measurements, then consult the charts provided for each piece. Sizes vary so much, so I always go by measurements instead. It’s also super helpful when retailers note what size the model is wearing in the photo. If she’s wearing a small and it’s a baggy fitting piece, I know I can buy a small too. If she’s wearing small and it’s super tight in the photograph, I go up.
  • Buy on sale The chance of buyer’s remorse is less likely if you’re getting a great deal. $8 for a tank top? No biggy if you end up just wearing it around the house. Shop smart. I rarely pay full price, especially online.
  • Deanna Off the Shoulder

    Deanna Off the Shoulder

    Look into the return policy In the unfortunate case that a piece truly doesn’t work, know what your options are for return and refund before you buy.

  • Consider customs and duty For us Canadians buying from abroad, remember to factor duty and customs charges into the final cost. The courier will require payment before handing over your purchases.
  • Take caution with the staples Again, a trendy romper for summer months – go for it. A flirty dress for girls night out? Absolutely. But if you’re looking for a long-term pair of denim, a perfectly fitting swimsuit, or a winter pea coat, in my humble opinion, keep it offline.

What retailers have you had success with?


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