Saatchi Art Online

I wouldn’t have known where to look online for artwork until I came across Saatchi’s Art website over Pinterest. And now I can’t get enough of browsing the site. Would love to own a proper, original piece one day. Until then, looking at the website and buying a print here or there will have to do!

Like my taste in music, apparently my taste in art is extremely varied. Also like music, I don’t know how to describe it’s composition eloquently or intelligently. I just know I am attracted to it.

I think that’s all that matters.

Here are some interesting pieces I’ve come across so far.

Ieva Baklane “Pool and two yellow chairs”

Eugenie Marais, Bird on a Wire

Jason Webb, Club Luna Azul

Patty Neal, I Think I Can

Thomas Saliot, The Bath

Patty Neal, Another High Line View

Christopher Gallego, Windows

Hesther Van Doornum, Gentle

All images from here. Click on an image to visit the piece and learn more about the artist.

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