Over the lunch hour yesterday I decided to get out of the office for a walk. The morning, like many in Vancouver, started with pouring rain and a grey haze, both over the city and in the spirits of those waking to the dreariness. By noon the sun was shining, and although a crisp wind was coming in over the water, it was gorgeous out. So I ceased the opportunity for a much-needed break.

Each year when seasons start to shift and we come out of the haze, I’m always reminded – “Oh yeah! THIS is why we live here. THIS is why we endure the wet weather.. because in summer, there is no better place to be than Vancouver.” By late November I question my choice of city all over again… until a walk like yesterday’s, and a morning like the one I woke to today.

So, in addition to feeling generally uplifted by the sunshine, Granville Island provided artistic inspiration, as it does. Although I only had my iPhone with me (would love to get a proper camera one of these days..), I couldn’t help but grab a few shots along the way. The thing so special about this spot in Vancouver is the mix of industrial and upscale, of art and food, and the fact that there’s talent everywhere. Try venturing away from the market itself to the East side of the island. Walk through the alleys, between buildings, and notice the workshops. The machinery and tools used to make the pretty baubles in the galleries. To me the process of developing the work is more intriguing than the work itself.

My favourite shot of the bunch was this one:


Although an advertisement in a store window for art supplies, it spoke to me differently. It was a larger statement about finding your creativity, playing with it, fostering your passion and protecting it from outside influences. And more personally, to protect it from your own insecurities. To be brave enough to share it with others.

To allow yourself to be vulnerable to it.

Happy first day of spring.



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