Boutique is Best

Hilton, Delta, Fairmont, Marriott… although these brands have many lovely properties all over the world, I have never been one to choose to stay with a large hotel chain. If you want the best in decor, hospitality, cuisine, and service, boutique truly is best.

I believe that life is all about the details. When mass-producing and mass-servicing, little details are too often overlooked.

Some of my favourite accommodations have been profiled on this blog over the years. Including Tower 23 in San Diego, Alexandre Logan in Montreal, OPUS Vancouver, Hoxton in London, and more.

On my current “to visit” bucket list – Taylor Hotel in Paris, Aenaon Villas in Santorini and Riad Kheirredine in Marrakech.

But this morning I’m dreaming of a visit to my parent’s boutique inn, right on the beach in La Cruz de Huanacaxtle, Mexico

Villa Amor del Mar

We visited around this time last year, and with temperatures hovering below zero here at home, I certainly wouldn’t mind a quick trip south.


Just north or Puerto and Nuevo Vallarta, La Cruz is a quaint fishing village that underwent a cosmopolitan update with the development of a world-class harbor and facilities, vacation property development, followed by the opening of high-end restaurants in the area. (On our visit last year Julia Robert’s yacht was anchored just outside the harbor and we saw her working out on her top deck!) The area has been prominently featured in travel columns in newspapers and blogs of late. The secret is getting out!

Villa Amor del Mar is clean, modern, and beautifully decorated, with all those little, thoughtful details that I mentioned are so important. The beds and linens are supple and luxurious. If you can drag your eyes away from the ocean view, there’s something interesting to look at around every corner with local artwork and handmade furniture featuring intricate carvings.




It’s right on the beach, so  whether  a pool lounger, or someone who prefers swimming in the ocean, you’re set either way. It’s not uncommon to see Humpback whales breaching from your private balcony or while enjoying the view from the infinity pool.


If you’re in need of a relaxing, luxurious getaway to Mexico, check out Villa Amor del Mar.

Stay in the Bahia room to look out past your toes towards the Banderas Bay right from the comfort of your bed. The next room I’d like to experience is the light and airy Marina. Or Pelicanos, one of the two rooms without the full on ocean view, but instead featuring a huge private, secluded garden balcony.

One Comment on “Boutique is Best

  1. Gulp and thanks, Katie! I started reading this and assumed it was going to be a review of one of your lovely retreats and then saw our Boutique Inn and got all choked up. This is especially dear, coming from you, as you have the most discerning taste; always my go to gal when researching places I know you have been before me! Should I commence the hunt for great airfare? BTW: I just finished an email to a guest who is booking her vacation, she has narrowed her choice down between Vallarta and Bahia guestrooms and asked me which one I favored. This is how I responded…

    I would choose Vallarta, they both have great views but Vallarta is my fave as you see the twinkly lights of Puerto Vallarta and the fireworks from your bed and the sunrise (if you want to) from bed also. It is smaller than Bahai, both the room and the deck.

    Bahia has gorgeous views from the bed also and of course, great views from the deck of the bay, Puerto Vallarta and the boats venturing in and out of the Marina. Bahia is most sought out by guests but my fave is Vallarta.

    These past few weeks, all the beachfront rooms are enjoying watching the Mama whales teaching their youngin’s to jump and the show is spectacular!

    Have a great family day, sweets!!

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