Getting inspired, the perfect fall meal and the Fraser Valley Food Show

I’ve been feeling a bit uninspired lately.  It happens every now and then – the daily hustle and bustle interferes with ‘me’ time. It’s been awhile since I’ve had a morning to sit down, catch up on blogs on my feedly reader, peruse magazines and recipe books, pinning as I go. When I’m in a slump like this, it shows at home. Cooking is done just because we need to eat. There’s no stack of books on my bedside table. No meal plans for the week. No on-the-go improvement or craft projects. No plans for dinner parties. Outside of the home, you can also tell when I’m in need of an injection of inspiration – I won’t have posted on ‘things i’m loving’ as frequently!

Yesterday I had day off, and finally took the time to catch up on the things that give me balance. The laundry got done, the house got cleaned, I wrote, posted and scheduled some blogs, did some yoga and went for a walk in the crisp fall air. Lists were made and things were pinned for trying later.

One thing I’ve been meaning to check out is Jamie Oliver’s YouTube channel. I’ve followed him for a number of years, back when his cooking shows first debuted on Food Network Canada. I think everyone would agree it’s hard not to have an affection for that man! Great sense of humour, talented chef, natural in front of the camera, he has an infectious passion and always seems to be his authentic self. I finally had the opportunity to browse some videos. Would encourage you to have a look- this is free, quality content as it’s finest. Who needs cable anymore when you can get everything you need online. Love it.

On my list to try is Jaime’s “Perfect Pork Loin Roast with Crackling”. It looks like a delicious meal for fall- roast pork loin, browned first then covered in balsamic vinegar and served on beans and greens. Yum! Have a watch, below:

I’m also looking forward to attending the Fraser Valley Food Show this weekend at Abbotsford Tradex. That will surely inspire some delicious baking and cooking around here. If you live in the valley and love eating as much as I do, it’ll be worth a stop in! Check back here for a highlight of my favourite finds at the show.

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