i am loving…

1) Songza

Ever think, like in the movies, it would be neat for the perfect song to come on at just the right moment? Saying goodbye to a loved one,  hosting a dance party for one in your living room, feeling nostalgic as you look through old photos. Music is so evocative, and just like in  film, it has the power to set the mood, amplify a moment.

Enter Songza, the soundtrack to your life.

I was a late discoverer of this amazing service, introduced to it by my best friend. Songza can be accessed either online or you can download their app for your phone. Upon opening, Songza presents you with options for the day and time – Are you cooking breakfast, recovering from last night, waking up happy on a Saturday morning? Or, how are you feeling? If you’re a little sad, or possibly moody, Songza will present you with a list of appropriate playlists to suit your mood. You can also search by genres, decades, culture and activities.

Some of my favourites so far are Cool & Sexy, Fall Asleep, and right now Indie Pop: Cool New Music Spring 2013 is playing in the background.

Whatever moment you’re experiencing, there’s a Songza playlist for that. =)


2) Calm.com

Another website/app I’m loving right now is Calm.com. Numerous studies have shown that it’s so important, especially on an extremely busy day, to take a few moments to breathe deep, and reconnect. Your productivity goes up, your brain functions at a higher level when you’ve taken this time.

Calm.com offers guided relaxation and meditation in 2 min, 5 min, 10 min and 20 min intervals. Visit the site or app, select your calming background environment – whether it’s a babbling brook, waves lapping the shore or sunshine filtering through the clouds – stick your headphones in and relaaaaxxxx…


3) A summer glow

When friends and colleagues started commenting that I was “looking really dark”, I realized that, for the first time in many years, I was getting that summertime glow without really trying. Not since I was a kid, running around barefoot lakeside in the Okanangan, vacationing on the family boat or spending my summer biking up and down our street chasing imaginary bad guys and having adventures with the neighbourhood kids have I not had to work for a tan. Since graduating high school I have always had a full time summer gig, and I started my first real job in a corporate, 9-5 environment when I was 18. That didn’t leave much time for summer frolicking outdoors, and my status as a “brown berry” (as my Mom used to call me) became a distant memory.

Last year was filled with renovations and meandering up and down the aisles at Home Depot. This summer has been different. My weeknights are spent watering the yard, eating on the back deck. Lunch hours I read or picnic in the park by our office. On weekends we tend the garden,  go for a walk or a bike,  lounge lakeside, read on the beach, hangout at our friend’s pool.

It’s been lovely reconnecting with the summer I knew as a child. And nothing makes me feel prettier than having a summertime glow.

4) Outdoor Yoga


This summer, my company offered staff the opportunity to practice yoga in the park during lunch hour. They hired a fabulous Y.Yoga instructor to lead us in one hour classes every Tuesday and for an extremely small fee we were able to participate. I was excited for the chance to practice and love stretching, breathing and moving my body under the sun once a week (probably a contributing factor to that aforementioned summertime glow). We reach up and try to touch the cloudless sky, working the tension out of our bodies from being hunched over a keyboard all day. If you ever get the chance to take an outdoor yoga class, I’d strongly encourage it!

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