the cottage…

When speaking with someone from the Toronto area, have you ever noticed how much the family cottage plays a role in their summertime lives?  It’s like a mass exodus happens in July and August where they all flee the city for a quiet, cool, breezy and relaxing getaway. From what I understand, many families have owned their cottage for generations. Watch any design show filmed in Ontario for HGTV and you’re bound to see cottage renovation and design projects. House of Bryan and Sarah’s Cottage are just two examples.

Out here in the West, I have never, ever heard someone call their vacation home a cottage. MAYBE a cabin…

“Cottage” just sounds so much more… chic, doesn’t it?

Here’s how I would decorate if I were blessed enough to have a cottage on a lake.


Photos via Pinterest

4 Comments on “the cottage…

  1. Well being from BC I love a cabin. I have spent the last 42 years of my life with my best friend Jude at her cabin at Shawnigan Lake, Cottage/Cabin all the same, the time you spend with the people that mean the most to you is priceless.

    • I should clarify, no disrespect to those who have vacation homes they call “the cabin”. They’re the same thing, I just love the word “cottage”! So shabby chic.

  2. I’ve been enjoying reruns of HGTV’s ‘Summer Home’ with Samantha Pynn – and longing for a trip to the cabin (yep, that’s what we call it!!)

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