Decorating the Living Room


Marquis Wool Rug, Perch Glass Lamp, Marble Side Table & Henry Sectional Sofa: West Elm.
DIY stripe curtains, fireplace mantel: Pinterest.

This evening, our living room is getting a final coat of paint. The espresso maple flooring is in, crown molding and base boards are installed and painted, and the room is looking lovely!

As the renovation winds up, I’m starting to think about how to decorate. A new couch is definitely in order, and I would love to have a nice big area rug grounding the space. We’ll go for neutrals on the major pieces, and I’d like to introduce pattern and colour through accessories. Right now, I’m leaning towards blues or turquoise accents.

Don’t you just love that Perch glass lamp from West Elm!? At $79, it’s a great find. We’ll put drapes on the window instead of blinds, and thanks to Pinterest, I’ve found some DIY tips for jazzing up plain IKEA curtains.I’m loving stripes right now – the above example was done by purchasing thick ribbon from a crafts store and simply sewing pieces horizontally across the width of the panel. (I say simply sewing, but am impossible at sewing. So, someone else will be recruited for that…)

Eventually there will be a large built in bookcase with cabinets below on either side of a fireplace, with a wall mounted TV above.  The mantel above is a perfect example of the look we’d like to achieve with the fireplace – love the detail.

Here’s a little preview of the room:

Living Room 2

Living Room1

And, here’s what it looked like when we first viewed the home:


Looking back at this photo, I’m questioning  my level of sanity at the time we made the purchase decision… =) Ah well, we had the vision, everything is working out and we’re building the home of our dreams together.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

– Kate

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