Winning recipes from Pinterest

Pinterest is a foodie’s dream. And a decorator’s dream, and a crafter’s dream and a…. well, okay. Let’s just throw it out there that Pinterest is every woman’s dream. It’s also many of their husband’s nightmares. =)  His to-do list gets longer with all the neat DIY ideas that I would like help with.

I’ve pinned a lot of recipes over the last year, but actually hadn’t tried many of them yet myself.

K8Senkow EatingDrinkingBoard

Last week I made two – Sushi Salad and Kale with Pancetta, Cream and Toasted Walnuts. They were both
super successful and I wanted to share.

Sushi Salad

Recipe from


I was very impressed with this recipe. It comes together easily as no cooking is required, and for a salad it was very filling. The whole grain rice adds a nutty flavour, avocado makes the salad creamy and rich. The seafood section at my supermarket doesn’t have pre-cooked crab, and I wasn’t up for the effort of doing it from scratch so I in subbed imitation crab and it was still delicious. Will definitely by serving this again at my place – hopefully with fresh dungeness next time!

Kale with Pancetta, Cream and Walnuts

Recipe from


When your husband is excited to take leftover kale for lunch the next day, you have a winner.

I’ve heard over and over about the health benefits of eating kale, and have tried working it into recipes in the past. This one is the winner! But I guess if you add bacon, walnuts and cream to anything, it’ll be delicious. The thing I love about this dish though is that the kale stands up and still comes through. You’re not masking but enhancing.

Give these two a try next time you’re looking for creative, healthy ideas.

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