I’m a four-eyes. Luckily, only since 18 years old, so I wasn’t subjected to wearing glasses in elementary or high school, which at the time was super ‘uncool’. But that was in the days of coke-bottle lenses and dorky frames. Today, I think, kids with bad eyesight have it a bit easier. Glasses have become both fashionable and trendy. There are so many different styles available, for every type of look.

My current pair have been with me for at least 5 years. They never fit properly, always fall down my nose. I love the look of them, but am ready for something new. I do also wear contacts, but they always dry my eyes out or give me a headache by the end of the day. Switching back and forth seems to work best for me, so it’s time for some new spectacles!

I’ve been meaning to to give Clearly Contacts a try. Your first pair is free (on most styles), shipping is free, and they have a no-questions asked return policy. They’ve removed all barriers to purchasing glasses online. You can’t lose!

I’d love your help to decide which frames to order! Select your fave pair in the poll below.











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