The Master Ensuite

As most ‘things i’m loving…’ readers will know, we purchased a house in July of 2011. Every so often I chronicle our renovation adventures and you’ll see many photos of where we get our decorating inspiration here on this blog.

Well, I’m very excited to share that we have reached another milestone in the renovation process – the master ensuite is finally complete! The glass installers were here yesterday, putting up the frameless shower enclosure walls. It looks FANTASTIC, if I do say so myself.  I’ve been getting ready in that washroom for a month now, but tomorrow morning I finally get to shower in it too! Although my husband gets first dibs tonight. He deserves to take the first shower in there, after all that hard work!

So, are you ready for the photos? Here we go!

Master Ensuite 1

Master Ensuite 4

Master Ensuite 5

Master Ensuite 2

I’ve had some questions about what paint colour we used and where we got our fixtures from, so I thought a breakdown may be useful! The thing I love about how we renovate is that so many of these items are available at your local, big-box hardware store, but with little unique touches and pieces, you can make a bathroom feel the opposite of mass produced. It can feel very high-end and customized. In our case, the mirror, the shower glass enclosure, a custom counter top and the tile pattern made all the difference.

Floors: 2′ x 6′ bianco carrera marble tiles in herringbone pattern
Wall Colour: Sherwin Williams, ‘Blissful Blue’
Vanity: Home Depot kit, but we replaced the artificial top with bianco carrera marble.
Sink Fixture: Home Depot, Glacier Bay
Mirror: Lofty Living in Richmond, BC. I saw it on sale over a year ago, fell in love and knew it had to go in my bathroom.
Sconces: Home Depot, but we hung them upside down instead!
Toilet: Home Depot, American Standard
Shower Walls: 12″ x 24″ bianco carrera marble. (Notice the two niches. Guess what the bottom one’s for!? To place your foot in while shaving! So much easier in a small shower! One of my better ideas.)
Shower Waterproofing System: Wedi systems. Would highly recommend! Great to work with.
Shower Fixtures: Home Depot, American Standard
Accessories: Home Depot towel racks, toilet paper holder

Now, I thought I’d share a before photo I found, just to give you an idea of where we came from, and what it looked like when we first toured the home.

Prepare yourself, now. =)


The old bathroom was quite a bit smaller. In this photo, the sink is to the right and behind that wall there, and the shower is in front. By stealing 2 feet from the bedroom, we increased the floor space and put the shower in the back right corner, moved the vanity to where I’d be standing while taking this photo. Now the bathroom is accessed by sliding a pocket door that opens into my walk-in closet, with the bathroom starting a few feet to the left of the door.

It’s been quite the project, and we couldn’t be happier with the results.

Now, on to the next room! =)

4 Comments on “The Master Ensuite

  1. You mean you don’t like the ugly tile and the wooden detail on he toilet, haha. Bathroom looks great!!

  2. Wow, what an amazing job you both did. Absolutely classy and I want to use it too!

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