dreaming of… a winter weekend away

It’s funny what leads one thought to another in my head. In conversation, do you ever ask someone how the topic came to mind? I find it intriguing, and following one’s train of thought backwards is always a revealing activity.

This evening while browsing Pinterest I came across this image:

I instantly loved the cozy look. And those tights! Oh my god those tights are fabulous. And almost as instantly as I loved the outfit, I thought “There’s no way I could pull those tights off…”


Unless I wore them on the right occasion. Then MAYBE I could JUST get away with it.

So, what possibly would be the right occasion?

When I look at this ensemble I think cozy, warm, candle light, fireplace blazing.


A winter getaway at a ski resort. After a long day of  playing in the snow, cheeks rosy red and toes thouroughly chilled, I could return to a log cabin retreat, get changed into this oh-so-cozy outfit, light a fire and sip baileys-spiked hot cocoa while playing board games with friends.

We could snuggle up to a movie before heading out to the private hot tub for star gazing from the balcony, taking in the view of snow-capped trees and moonlight reflecting off the ground.

Then, what started as interest in an outfit turned into an hour of Googling ski resorts and perusing cabin rentals!!

I guess what I’m saying is, are any friends interested in joining us for a brief getaway in winter wonderland? Late January or early February would be perfect.

I promise to wear those tights, or find a pair equally as outrageous. =)



All images via Pinterest

2 Comments on “dreaming of… a winter weekend away

  1. Yes please. I’m not huge on skiing or other winter sports, but I love walking in the snow. An activity that we rarely get to enjoy living in Vancouver.

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