looking back…

I’ve now been blogging here on ‘things i’m loving’ for almost 3 years. It’s been such a wonderful experience. This site is a creative outlet for me –  a place to go when inspired, or sometimes, needing inspiration. Looking back, there are a few posts that stand out to me over the years and I thought I’d revisit them with you today.

“Papa, do you like.”

In January of this year we were in Mexico to visit my parents, who were living in the Puerto Vallarta area. On the way home we were booked to fly from Puerto Vallarta to Seattle, and then Seattle to Vancouver on a late night flight. On our plane was the sweetest family – mother, father, son and daughter – who to this day, stand out in my memory. They were an immigrant couple, maybe from India, whose daughter had a physical disability and carried a walking stick to help her be more mobile. I remember that something appeared to be wrong with her eye and that she have very minimal vision, but I don’t believe I was able to pinpoint the disability exactly. The mother and father seemed very tired, and I didn’t get the feeling that this trip was a vacation for them.

Sometimes I make up stories while people watching… READ MORE

white tea: a workshop

Raintree Wellness Spa is a local favourite of mine. The ambiance is warm and comforting, service is superior and treatment options are diverse. Their major point of differentiation for me is the focus on an impeccable customer experience. You feel valued as a client with the level of personal attention given to every customer. You’re always greeted with a smile and warm shoulder wraps and tea are offered as you wait for your treatment.

Adding to the mix of offerings, owner Barbara Bell recently began hosting tea tasting and education workshops at the spa. I attended my first workshop in March where we sampled and learned about white tea – the only tea I had never tried! READ MORE

Treasure Hunting at Surrey New & Used

Last week marked our first trip to Surrey New & Used on 64th Avenue in Cloverdale. A short drive from our place, my husband found their website online when looking for reclaimed building materials. See, we’ve been searching for a vanity that will work for me in our master ensuite. Quotes on new Martha Stewart cabinets came in at about $700 from Home Depot (!!!). We’re much too cheap and too handy for that… So off we went, looking for bathroom vanities that had seen better days but had potential. Little did we know we’d find so many treasures scattered across the enormous property. READ MORE


With the tight cobbled streets, serene canals and little bridges, I knew I had to take my husband there and spend more time in this lovely city. He instantly fell in love with it too. Food portions were huge, gourmet chocolate shops and bakeries were at every turn and we came across many unexpected highlights. It was on a hot afternoon that we found flea market along a canal where we purchased a beautiful iron door knocker that will go on the entrance to our new home… READ MORE


If you haven’t caught on yet, I LOVE Paris. The architecture, the food, the fashion you see every day on the streets and the shop facades. It’s all in the details in this amazing city, and I never have to look very far to feel inspired.

My husband and I spent 5 days there in May, and I wanted to share our finds from this trip, plus a few of my favourite photos… READ MORE

Finding a Mental Oasis

..how do you spend those precious hours every night between the tense evening commute and settling down into bed? How do you take advantage of the free time you do have (when not cooking, cleaning or organizing) to clear your mind, bring inspiration and focus on positive energy?

I personally have a few escapes… READ MORE

Was there a post you read on ‘things i’m loving’ that stood out for you in some way? Any you’d add to the list? I’d love to hear what topics you enjoy reading most.

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