blogger love – my fav posts of late

There are so many amazing blogs out there with inspiring, motivational, beautiful content. Every time I catch up on my Google Reader it’s like a little therapy session for my soul. Here are some of my favourite posts lately. Enjoy!

a chateau in normandy

My French Country Home

Imagine living in a beautiful chateau in the French countryside.

Why not… use simple changes to transform your kitchen

The Simply Luxurious Life

Great tips on small changes you can make in your kitchen, accompanied by gorgeous design photos. I especially love the idea of using beautiful containers, and having window treatments done to transform the space.

This or That: Biker Boots

Lilac and Grey

LOVE this look, and the high vs. low concept of this post. Which do you prefer? My favs are the Fryes (of course).


Garance Dore

I’m loving the burgundy trend right now too! After seeing this post I began some online browsing… le sigh. So many items to covet, so little budget to assign to them. =) Oh well, for now I’ll admire this collection of pieces on Garance’s blog instead.

The City of Light – Capturing Paris’ Most Beautiful Moments

HiP Paris Blog

The photos on this post are stunningly beautiful. I will never tire of seeing how light at dusk or dawn changes the whole scene, the whole world around you.

2 Comments on “blogger love – my fav posts of late

  1. Kate, Thank you for including The Simply Luxurious Life in your post. What wonderful company to be listed along side of. Each one is a blog I regularly stop by. Thanks again. xoxo

    • Shannon – thank you so much for stopping by my blog. I’ve been an admirer of The Simply Luxurious life for some time now!

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