Staycation Report – Days 2, 3 & 4

Wow! This week is just flying by. After a very productive, mostly errand-running first day of staycation, we’ve had a bit more down time but are still keeping busy.

After breakfast out on Tuesday, the hubby focused on renovations at our place, pulling up and re-laying the hardwood floor in the hallway and our master bedroom, as he wasn’t happy with the way it flexed and squeaked in some spots. Being a perfectionist, he decided to pull up all his hard work and re-level in the bad spots. It was heartbreaking to see what looked like backwards progress, but within 24 hours the floor was back down and baseboards back on. What a guy! And on the new perfectly leveled plywood, the wood floor has no squeaks. I had reading to do for class, had a Chiro appointment in Vancouver and then attended class.

Wednesday was much more eventful, being Halloween and all! I started the morning off by attending a much needed massage therapy appointment (side note – every time I go my therapist marvels at how tight my muscles are, and that I can go about a normal day’s activities. I’ve even had RMTs ask if I’ve recently been in a bad car accident… yikes!!) We were invited to join our friends and their 3 young boys for trick ‘o treating. So at 6pm we accompanied two ghosts and one tool man around their neighbourhood. I gotta say – their area in Walnut Grove has such a sense of community, and people take Halloween decorating very seriously. Parents and kids greeting one another as they went door to door, running into friends along the way. It was belting down rain – I was thankful for my Hunter boots and umbrella – and tons of kids were still out collecting their candy. When we got back to the house, wet clothes and soaked socks removed, we dug into the bounty of sugary treats. The kids gladly handed over our agreed upon 25% commission. =)

Awesome decorations, and grown men stealing candy from the boys.

I also watched the movie “Manhattan Murder Mystery” on Netflix. It’s a comedic murder-mystery film written by Woody Allen and Marshall Brickman and staring Diane Keaton, Allan Alda, Anjelica Huston, and Woody Allan. Once I got past the constant chatter and bickering so associated with Woody Allen flicks, it was super entertaining!

This morning we had appointments to give blood. As first time donors, we didn’t really know what to expect. The staff, nurses and volunteers at the Guildford donor centre were just fabulous.

Before donating, sporting our “1st time donor” stickets.

After filling out our paperwork, I was the first to be set up in the back. They didn’t have seats side by side for us as all chairs were taken, so I would be on one end of the row and Manaen on the other. Oh well! The needle going in hurt a lot more than I thought it would, but after a few seconds I felt fine and was looking forward to the rest of the process and making my first donation.  Unfortunately, things didn’t go as planned. My blood was very slow to flow out, and they had to keep adjusting the needle (pulling out slowly) to see if they could get things moving. That didn’t work, so a second nurse was called over to help. The sample pack still hadn’t even filled up! They gave me a stress ball to squeeze and after about 2 or 3 minutes of squeezing , I started to feel super hot. Broke out in a sweat and then came the nausea. I was determined to donate… but after a few minutes of feeling ill I knew I had to say something. “I’m starting to feel a bit hot..” and that was that. 4 nurses were on me with cold compresses, they took the needle out and I was flipped up in the chair so the blood would flow back to my brain (I learnt the reasoning afterwards). After about 10 minutes of being cared for I started to feel better, and then, immediately, embarrassed and super disappointed.

I’m told this is typical for first time donors, especially if they have trouble getting the blood to flow, or the vein chosen is small. The nurse who stayed with me, I think her name was Ranj, was so kind and so sweet. She told me that she can’t donate either for similar reasons, and she works there! She encouraged me to try again, this time in my right arm as the veins looked better. Hubby did SO well. He was in and out very quickly, and felt fine. We chatted with other donors and the volunteer afterwards while we ate our cookies. Manaen gave blood because I encouraged him to join me and booked his appointment, so the ladies there said that really, I did contribute in that way. Made me feel a bit better.

Manaen did great! Well done babe.

After giving (and attempting to give) blood, we met my cousin for Pho at Chopsticks on Pho in Panorama. The food is delicious and the owners there are so gracious. Chopsticks on Pho opened a few months ago, and I’d highly recommend it if you get the chance to visit.

Then it was off to check out the Surrey Museum. Small and quiet, the museum is in a really nice building off Hwy 10 and 176th. The focus is on the city’s past, and I enjoyed hearing/reading about some personal stories from longtime citizens. They do a great job with the displays, but I think it’s not highly attended. Maybe it’s just because we went on a weekday – would hope there’s more visitors on Saturdays.  Admission is free.

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