Staycation Report – Day 1

Manaen and I took this week off of work. We’re not going on a vacation. We’re staycationing instead!

Rather than spending thousands of dollars on a week away, we decided to stick around town. We drafted up a schedule for fun and affordable things to do and new places to discover in our neighbourhood. After moving to Surrey last September, we have spent most of the past year working our arses off – renovating, landscaping, gardening. I’ve never shoveled, painted, caulked, scrapped ceilings or weeded garden beds as much as I have over the past 13 months. And although renovations continue, with the latest project being our ensuite bathroom (very exciting!), each day of our 9-day staycation has something fun/different on the schedule. And we’re trying to stay in Surrey or the surrounding areas.

Yesterday, we spent the afternoon betting on horses at Fraser Downs, today we perused Gildford, tomorrow we’re going for breakfast, Thursday we’re donating blood for the first time. Friday I’m hoping to squeeze in a movie and a trip to the Surrey Museum. The schedule was made mostly so we didn’t end up on the couch the entire week, but today, we did much, MUCH more than what we had planned.

My report on our first day of staycation follows.

1) We grabbed fancy drinks and breakfast at Starbucks

2) I dropped of dry cleaning (hey, why not use this time to get a bunch of real-life stuff done too!?)

3) We ordered my vanity countertop for the ensuite. 

We went with bianco carrera marble to match the floor and the shower walls. It’s goooorrrgeous and we were able to choose a piece from of existing crop (read: discount!) that also happened to have a small amount of damage on it (read: additional discount!) that will mostly be covered by the faucet or cut out of the sink.

4) We picked up our tile for the floor and shower. 

As mentioned, bianco carrera is the stone of choice for my bathroom. The shower walls will be 12″ x 24″ tiles laid vertically in a subway pattern. But the floor is our “pièce de résistance” – 3″ x 6″ tiles in a herringbone pattern. Each has to be placed individually. That’s 384 individual pieces of tile that my husband will be shortly laying. He’s excited, but a little intimated too. Being the skilled craftsman he is, I know it’ll look just wonderful.

Here’s a photo of a section laid out, just so we could preview how it would look.

5) We browsed Guildford Town Centre.

Currently under renovation, Guildford is going to be a huge, modern shopping centre with the class of retailers we had come to expect when living in Richmond. Will be great to similar shopping close to home once renovations are complete.

6) We made a trip to Home Depot (pretty much a weekly occurence…)

7) We got groceries (More real life stuff. You have to eat on a staycation, right?)

8) I potted a succulent in an old Fortnum and Mason tea tin.

Just by taking the top off the tin with a can opener, I was able to easily fit this lovely little guy in the tin. I realize succulents are a total trend at the moment (spend 5 minutes on Pinterest…) but I just can’t help myself. I especially love the weird looking, chubbiness of this variety.

We also bought this pre-planted grouping.

9) I baked cookies

These are both from Betty Crocker’s Cookie Book. They look impressive but are super easy to make – Pistachio Chocolate checkers and Palmiers.

I can’t find the recipe for Palmiers for you online, but basically, it’s just puff pastry rolled out and folded in on itself, then cut into 1/4 inch slices and coated in sugar. The chocolate dip is a nice addition.

10) I wrote this blog post. =)

And now I’m going to have a bath and watch a movie.

All in all, a great, and very productive, start to our staycation.

Have you ever done a staycation before? What did you do with your time off?

All the best,


2 Comments on “Staycation Report – Day 1

  1. Love the post – love your cover picture – beautiful! So looking forward to future staycation posts.

  2. Being a tourist in your own town is so fun, especially a relatively new town. Spending time with each other is divine… all the extras are a bonus! Good on ya! Love chubby succulents too!

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