Spud.ca – Sustainable Produce, Urban Delivery

Source: spud.ca

If you haven’t yet heard of Spud.ca, you should really check them out. A girlfriend of mine who lives in Vancouver introduced me to their grocery delivery service. At first, I was skeptical that our house, being way out in the burbs would be on a delivery route. But yes, they deliver to many suburbs of the Lower Mainland and also serve the Victoria, Vancouver Island and Nanaimo areas.

Spud was founded based on the idea that there was a better, more sustainable way to buy groceries, and so they focus on local, organic foods. In addition to produce, dairy and meats, Spud.ca also sells prepared foods, such as meat tarts, pizzas, bakery items, soups and more.

So far, I’ve placed two orders and have been very happy with the quality of products and the convenience of delivery. They deliver to my area on Friday afternoons, and follow specific instructions about where to leave the groceries (ie. to the left of the gate on the left side of the house). Groceries are delivered in a thick plastic storage container, and cold items are packed with dry ice to keep them fresh. Prices are higher than your average grocery store, but you’re buying mostly organic, so keep that in mind. I don’t think I’d ever purchase ALL of my grocery items through Spud, but it’s nice to supplement your big shops at Save-On or Costco with small, fresh product delivery – veggies, fruit, locally prepared meals, free range eggs. I love that they have a weekly “Fresh Harvest Box”, full of fruits and vegetables currently in season. In a video that they record and post every week, their staff talks about each of the items in this week’s box and where they came from.

If you do decide to try Spud.ca out, enter my personal promo code to receive $5 off each of your first 4 orders. (I receive a kickback too!)  Go to www.spud.ca and signup using the promo code CRVAN-SENKAT

A great, convenient service that supports our local farms and producers. This is a thing i’m loving…

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