Renovations, Renovations and… More Renovations!

Well, I think it’s about time that I gave an update on where we’re at with the renovation of our home. It’s been radio silence for a while on the subject. Not because nothing is progressing, but because we’ve been working non-stop!

Recent projects have included:

  • New fence on our side of the house
  • Installation of two iron gates, custom-designed by Manaen
  • Master Bedroom -full renovation
  • Guest Bedroom – full renovation
  • Forming and pouring of concrete retaining wall, walkways and patio

I have some photos to share. There’s still decorating and finishing touches to be done in each case, but you can already see the drastic improvements!
Let’s start with…

The Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom – BEFORE

Hideous purple and red walls, purple trim, purple ceiling. Wood paneling galore. There was one, large, 8 foot sliding door. No window to open or screen to keep bugs out on hot summer nights. This room was a big project – in addition to aesthetics and the new door and window, we changed the footprint of the space. A few feet were stolen to enlarge the ensuite area and allow for a larger walk-in closet. I don’t have any photos of that to share just yet – we haven’t done the closets in this room or the ensuite. To come! However, here’s a photo that shows the drastic difference!

Master Bedroom – AFTER. Still doing some decorating.

I am in LOVE with the chandelier we chose for this space. Elegant but not overwhelming in size. It makes the room feel so romantic and feminine. You can see the window here, but there’s also a glass patio door to the right that’s out of frame. Lots of natural light. We purchased two bedside tables off Craigslist that will soon be refurbished. Sheer white curtains are hung, and art will be shortly.

The Guest Bedroom

Guest Bedroom – BEFORE

Definitely not the worst of the “Before” photos I’ve posted here. You can see that this room had different flooring than other parts of the house – a cheap laminate. The wall colour was lack luster and depressing. Blinds were different than everywhere else in the home, and the ceiling was strangely painted a light pink in this room… don’t ask.

Guest Room – AFTER

On the walls we went with the light gray/blue that we used in the upstairs hallway. The floor is a continuation of the espresso coloured maple you’ll see throughout the rest of the home. The ceiling was redone to get rid of the popcorn, and in addition to replacing baseboard, we did the crown as well. We’re still pulling the Guest Room together, but we did pick up these antique doors to serve as a headboard! Don’t you love them? I also couldn’t resist these throw pillows from Pottery Barn that were on sale, and now, await a mattress to sit upon! I had a really neat antique rotary phone that seemed to fit with this design – that sits on a side table for the moment.

The piece we’re most proud of is the custom light fixture we made ourselves. Taking inspiration from a Restoration Hardware design, my husband found vintage parts online. The Edison filament bulbs are sooo cool. Here’s a close up:

Light Fixture Close-Up

It will be a great space that I hope many guests will enjoy in the years to come.


The yard has been an all-consuming project for the last few months. And it feels like we’ve barely made a dent! I think the change will really become evident after this weekend – tomorrow the cement truck and pump arrive to complete a retaining wall (which we’ll eventually level the yard up to), sidewalks (everything was bark mulch before.. ugh).

Here are some photos of the new fence panels and lovely custom heron gates. Manaen designed these!

Fence & Gate – Our Side

Gate – Tenant Side

Lots of things happening, as you can see. Will continue posting photos as we progress.

Happy Friday to all! Wish us luck tomorrow with “the big concrete pour of 2012”. =)

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