Backyard Cottage

It’s been a busy weekend around here! Yesterday we received a dump truck full of dirt for leveling of the front yard and filling holes in the back. After moving 13 cubic yards of dirt around, we both slept like babies last night. The work continued today. During a brief break for lunch, we sat on the back deck, enjoying the sunshine and warm breeze. Assessing the backyard, where we’ve come from and what the end goal is, we got talking about the dilapidated shed and what to do with it. I remembered my Mom telling me, months and months ago, that she had a dream where we had revamped the back shed into a beautiful shabby-chic guest room.

This afternoon, I started to imagine a one-room new structure in place of the old shed. It could have a small bathroom with a toilet and sink so guests wouldn’t have to walk across the yard to the main house during the night. An electric fireplace could be placed in a corner of the room, to heat the space during colder evenings. French doors would open up into the yard, with white curtains billowing in the breeze. Lovely….

After a quick internet search, I found tons of inspiration for a backyard cottage. There are so many ways to make use of a small space.

The white curtains, with doors opening to the yard.

An inexpensive and open feeling space. Not practical for Lower Mainland weather unfortunately.

Could have two single beds that would push together for a King. Love the mosquito nets.

A more modern approach.

How adorable! Love the yellow.

2 Comments on “Backyard Cottage

  1. Inspirations 1 and 3 capture my dream perfectly. It’s a wonderful idea. With the talent you both master this would be a breeze. I love the idea of the fireplace too! xo

  2. I love the idea of backyard office, wow, simply great. And yes, a fireplace is a must for a little outdoor room.

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