Smart Shoe Storage

Who doesn’t need more shoe storage? There’s nothing more frustrating when you’re rushing out the door (as I always am…) and have to sift through racks of shoes to get the ones you want at the back of the closet. Crouching beneath the hanging jackets, hoping they won’t mess up your hair.

We completed the renovation on our front entry quite a while ago, but there was one element left unfinished. A large niche, where the previous owner had open shelving, awaited finishing. Open shoe shelves collect dust, and give a cluttered appearance to the entry. We wanted something more sleek, and Manaen (the hubby) had a wonderful idea – he custom-built a set of drawers, flush with the drywall above and painted the same colour as the wall for a seamless look. Originally we had talked about leaving them hidden – using a push-to-open type system so no handles were needed. But then I came across these matte black pulls that complemented the space, matched the door hardware and added another black highlight to the all-white room.

3-4 pairs of shoes fit in each drawer, and they’re deep enough to store knee-high boots without having to squish them in. I’m just thrilled with this system!


…and with the drawers open.

4 Comments on “Smart Shoe Storage

  1. We have a simular situation in our current project and I’m totally stealing your idea. That is fantastic – great work!

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