Hunting for Headboards

About two weeks ago we officially moved into our master bedroom. It was a very exciting night, despite sleeping on a mattress on the floor. See, our old IKEA Malm bedframe has a distinctly modern look, with it’s dark wood, clean lines and low profile. Our tastes have greatly changed since moving out together 7 years ago(!). So, within a day of posting it for sale on Craigslist, we were without a bed frame! Hence the mattress on the floor thing. Nonetheless, I was ecstatic to just be in the room.

Now, I won’t do before and afters just yet, as I want the full effect of having the space properly decorated before posting and it’s looking quite stark at the moment.

Now I’m on a mission – to get this room decorated from top to bottom. That includes: artwork, drapes, new linens, bedside tables, a bedframe, box springs, and of course, the headboard.Headboards really set a room’s style. In my mind, they’re the most important piece in a bedroom.

When it comes to furniture and home decorating, I shop around like crazy. I can’t help it. Coming from a family that always did-it-themselves, and being lucky enough to have a skilled husband, we always think “How can we make this better?”, “How can we do this ourselves, for less?”  Upholstery, however, is a bit of a different case. Doing a GREAT job on upholstery, especially with details such as tufting, requires a high level of skill. So, this time, I asked myself “How can I get the look I want, for less somewhere else?”

Begin, the hunt…

Source: The Cross Decor & Design

The Margaret bed, from The Cross in Yaletown, is my dream bed. Feminine, french inspired. I love the texture of the fabric and the hand carved, antiqued white wood. The Cross doesn’t bother including the price of this piece on their website… so we can assume it’s out of my financial reach at the moment.

Source: The Cross Decor & Design

A more subdued but equally luxurious option from The Cross – their Helena Bed frame. This is an Oly design, so again, we can assume it’s expensive.

Source: Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn also has some nice options with a similar style, but a bit more down-to-earth. I like the lines of this particular headboard. The nail heads are a nice detail, and they have plenty of fabric options. Pricing here is more reasonable – looking at about $900 for just the headboard.

Source: Pottery Barn

Tufting, when done well, is so beautiful. The Lorraine Tufted headboard from Pottery Barn is really nice. I like the height this piece has. This is around $1,000.

Source: Van Gogh Designs

Now’s the part where we have to be realistic about our budget. We’ve seen the inspiration, and what it costs. So, here’s what we’re leaning towards. Lofty Living is a furniture and home decor store in the Lower Mainland that sells Van Gogh custom furniture pieces. A week or so ago, I noticed a post on their Facebook page that they are offering 20% off Van Gogh orders for the month of April. After a quick look around their website, I found that in addition to having some really nice headboard options, they also have hundreds of fabric choices. The price – we’re looking at around $550 for a King Sized headboard, after the discount! Huge savings. We can choose the shape, tufting or no-tufting and whether or not we’d like nail heads.

In the end, we should have a similar look to the first Pottery Barn style, in a high-end linen fabric like our original inspiration from The Cross.

The hunt continues on the weekend, where we’ll complete our research and make the final decision.

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