Thinking About Money Differently

Yesterday I spent a few minutes sitting in on a live video chat featuring Danielle LaPorte of White Hot Truth, hosted by Jenn Lee from Right Brain Business Plan.

Lately, my attitude towards finances has been anything but healthy. Frustrated, exasperated, almost bitter that I don’t have the funds I need to live comfortably in the life I want. I’m not talking a life involving bottles of Cristal and extended vacations on private yachts.  I’m talking comfortable paying my mortgage, being able to go out for dinner a few times a week, continue the renovations we’ve started and be able to afford the tuition required to finish my degree.  Paying off debts, and setting some money aside would be nice.

So when Danielle asked the question “What is your heart purpose for money?” it really resonated with me. I’ve been so focused on just getting more of it, that I’ve lost sight of the end result.

I want to look at money differently, and consider what the end result of “more money” means in my life.

What is it for you? – Travel? Being free of debt? Supporting local artisans by purchasing their work? Making monthly donations to charity? What does your life look like if you were comfortable financially?

It also made me evaluate how I speak and think about money. The language, the words I use… I’ve been saying say “I’m broke.”,  “I can’t afford it.”, “I have no money.”

What kind of message am I sending to myself by speaking and thinking in such a negative way? I’ve made a promise to myself, and my husband is on board too, that we’ll change our language surrounding money from negative to positive statements. For example, saying “I’d prefer to eat in tonight and spend my money elsewhere” or “I have different spending priorities at the moment.”

All spending is a choice. It’s not that I can’t afford something – it’s that it’s not a priority, even if I’d love to make that purchase.

It’s time I focus on the heart purpose for money, rather than on the dollars and cents of it.

4 Comments on “Thinking About Money Differently

  1. The first time I received this lesson… and yes it took a few times, I was taught that when I couldn’t afford to do something I really wanted ~ like go out for dinner ~ to say, “I’m choosing to spend my money in other ways”. My first reaction was something like “Choosing, ha! I HAVE to pay the rent, the lights, etc”. My instructor said, “You’re choosing to live on your own, have a roof over your head, have heat and lights…!” Wow. I remember the lights going on, that how I spend my money is indeed a choice! This method is so much more freeing and empowering too. The energy from the latter freed up the space to make more money too. Thanks for sharing, Kate. A perfect reminder for me right now!

  2. Aren’t ‘aha! moments’ the loveliest gift? Wonderfully expressed! <3<3 xoxo

  3. Trust me Kate, the money will come. You are building a strong foundation and your hard work will pay off. Patience……..

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