The Morning

I am not a morning person. Have never considered myself to be. Growing up, my younger brother would be up and out of bed with his alarm clock, showered, and ready to go to school a half hour before we actually needed to leave. Me, I will wring every last possible second of sleep out of each morning that I can. I wouldn’t say I take my time once I’m up either – it’s a flurry of activity to get myself out the door at the right moment, and a race on the highway to work. Some days, traffic and weather get in the way of my perfectly timed arrival. But most times, I make it just as the clock strikes “working hour”.

Let me say, that I know this isn’t the way things should be done in the morning. The body should awaken slowly, and at ease. A few morning stretches, a savoured cup of coffee and a morning paper to peruse. I’m aware that my morning habits are not ideal, but I seem unable to break that pattern. I’ll set my alarm 30 minutes early, with the intention to do AM Yoga, and ease into the day. What happens? The alarm goes off, I hit snooze. The alarm goes off, I hit snooze again. No yoga.

Today, I am in Maui, on a week-long girl’s trip for some rest, relaxation and sunshine. We arrived yesterday, and with Hawaii being 3 hours behind my hometown, we were all exhausted and in bed by 9. I was wide awake this morning at 5am. I tossed, I turned, disturbing my sleeping partner. By 6am I threw in the towel and decided to move myself to the living room. It was still dark out. I didn’t notice that the birds weren’t chirping, until they were.  I answered emails and updated Facebook. The sun rose, and I moved to the floor to do some yoga as the coffee brewed.

As I sit here, still and silent, I observe the sun warming the earth. The birds collecting food from the damp ground, the palm trees filtering light, the warm breeze moving through the open patio door.

This is how every morning should be.

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