Treasure Hunting at Surrey New & Used

Last week marked our first trip to Surrey New & Used on 64th Avenue in Cloverdale. A short drive from our place, my husband found their website online when looking for reclaimed building materials. See, we’ve been searching for a vanity that will work for me in our master ensuite. Quotes on new Martha Stewart cabinets came in at about $700 from Home Depot (!!!). We’re much too cheap and too handy for that… So off we went, looking for bathroom vanities that had seen better days but had potential. Little did we know we’d find so many treasures scattered across the enormous property. It really was like treasure hunting for us! Walking up to the lot we became giddy with excitement as I spotted a gooooorgeous antique claw foot tub. There were rows upon rows of old doors – interior, exterior, rough shape and good shape, glass panes and solid wood.  The ideas were flooding in as we took inspiration from these old pieces. I wanted to buy everything, fix each piece up and give it a good home! But alas, we have enough projects as it is and were there looking for a good deal. None of the cabinets quite fit what I was looking for, but new inventory is coming in all the time, and we’ll check back soon.

Old leaded windows would make fabulous pieces in the garden. Maybe we’ll pick some up to hang on like art on the outside of the shed. They’d also make good space dividers between our tenants patio area and our lower deck.

Look at these old radiators!! I love how rusted and rough they are, with bright, pastel coloured paint chipping off. I’ve always admired the look of them in old apartments. These I just couldn’t resist.  We brought home the blue one for $100. The plan is to grind off the rust and the chipping paint, paint it a solid colour and use it as decor in our guest bedroom.  I’m struggling between white to match the baseboards and crown, versus an airy blue, which is a bit more fun.

I wonder what type of building this stained glass window came out of. Love the colours.

Imagine how grand this home must have been! This entrance was even more beautiful in person. I love the sidelites and the level of detail in the transom.

I like the shape of this unit, with the rounded top. Wouldn’t it make a great entrance to a green house or potting shed?

And it wouldn’t be a proper antique treasure hunt without at least one old Coke sign! Canadian Pickers, anyone?

We had quite the adventure exploring Surrey New & Used. I could spend days hunting for old treasures- there’s more to be found and I’ll definitely return soon.

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