Plans for the Garden

Doesn’t it feel like spring is just around the corner? Although the Lower Mainland has been drenched this weekend, those of us in the area have enjoyed mild winter weather for the last month or so. There have been glimpses of warm sunshine and the other day I swear I smelled spring in the air.

As the weather warms up, we turn our attention to plans for the garden. The bulbs that I planted are showing their little green stems in the front yard, and I’m giddy with excitement.

You can tell that our yard was, at one time, much loved and well tended. It’s obviously been awhile… when we first took possession my wonderful family members literally wrestled the 3 foot high weeds out of all the beds. We cut down hedges and small trees, gave bushes an overdue and extreme trimming. The wisteria was so overgrown and just a big blob of green leaves that we cut it back significantly, and took it back even further a few weeks ago, hoping we can re-train it and entice it to produce the large, hanging blooms that are so exquisitely beautiful. The whole yard is enclosed in 12′ cedar hedges that haven’t been trimmed or tended to in ages. Morning glory was my nemesis this summer… and I plan on winning the war against weeds, although I realize it will take years of work to get there.

This wisteria has gorgeous blooms. Source:

There is so much work to do! Our first priorities are functional ones. Once the weather warms up a bit more, we need to pour walkways on both sides of the house. The previous owners put down bark mulch and round paving stones on top. They are a hazard and an inconvenience, both for our tenant, whose main entry is around back, and for taking garbage and recycling out to the lane. So, concrete pathways will be first, followed by replacing a section of fence on our side, and putting gates on both sides. My husband designed beautiful heron gates a few years back, and we’re excited to get them installed.

Then the hedges need to be shaken or raked out to remove all the dead leaves and make way for new growth before they are shortened by a few feet and trimmed. Then it’s retaining walls, leveling and grading of the yard, moving of plants and bushes to create the layout we’re looking for. I’m getting rid of some of the beds, just because we won’t be able to maintain them. There will be a new shed, and we badly need a new deck and patio built, but due to budget, this will have to wait…

The amount of work required is overwhelming to me.

So the other day I turned to Pinterest for  inspiration. It helped get my mind off the work and onto the end result! I’m so addicted that  my husband has been calling me a “Pinhead” ever since.

Here are a few ideas I thought were genius!

We need to replace our gutters, so maybe we mount the old ones to the side of the shed and fill with herbs and greens! Source:

The old fence in the back will be replaced, and right now there are cinder blocks holding it up. Possible reuse project here with this style of planter. Source:

This is what I'd like for planting veggies, but raising the planters even further. Love the gravel between. Source:

I’ll risk being called a “pinhead” any day for more ideas like these! =)

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2 Comments on “Plans for the Garden

  1. I just may belong to the pinhead family myself… at least I can say it is for business. So exciting to see the bulbs we plant, months later, show their abundant nature. Can’t wait for you to experience your wisteria.

  2. I’m in love with the examples of re-using gutters and cinderblocks. Brilliant. I can also see the herb garden mounted on the side of your house on the lower deck. What a great way to conserve space, avoid many garden pests (slugs etc) and add an easy care ‘green’ space to your yard. It would even keep our Lucy and Mattie from accidentally tromping on our salads. This makes me look at ‘gutters’ with a completely new eye! Marvelous.

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