I’ve been watching Masterpiece’s Downton Abbey since it first premiered on PBS. Season 1, Episode 1. And from that moment, I was hooked! It’s been such a pleasure to see this wonderfully written, beautifully filmed and perfectly cast television show gain such popularity, winning award after award.

And it just keeps getting better. Last night’s episode was unforgettable. The wit, the drama, the scandal, the fashions! Every moment of the 2 hours was pure perfection.

My favourite character is certainly the Matriarch of the family, the Countess of Grantham, played by Maggie Smith. She provides comic relief during the most dramatic of scenes.  Here are a few of her priceless moments:

Downtown Abbey is currently in it’s second season on PBS. It airs Sunday nights at 9PM PST.

One Comment on “Downton

  1. One of my favourite shows! So worth watching. If there were any character I would love to portray it would be the Countess…Maggie Smith is perfection!

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