No One Does Love Better…

Some of you may be familiar with Tiffany & Co’s “What Makes Love True” campaign. It’s been around for awhile now, and although I’m not 100% sure of the launch date, I first became aware of it around August. The main vehicle for their messaging is the microsite Now, you’ll have to bear with me for a moment as I put on my Marketing hat, but the whole concept is just genius. Rather than just pushing advertising out to the public, they’re asking consumers to engage, interact, share and experience their brand. A collection of real-life stories about love,   exclusive renditions of love songs, a section full of Tiffany Tips for “When Love Gets Serious”, all fully integrated with social media networks for easy sharing. You can also “Share Your Love” by pinpointing a location that is special to you on an interactive Google Map.

Share Your Love Map

Lots of love happening in the Lower Mainland!

When Love Gets Serious

A few of my favourite tips from the Tiffany website.


True Love in Pictures

The most recent addition to Tiffany’s campaign is the beautiful photographic talent of Scott Schuman, The Sartorialist, and his partner Garance. I’ve written about the Sartorialist a few times, including here and here.  Tiffany brought these two lovers on to capture moments of true love on camera. The results are stunning, and sweet, and true. You can view the full photo gallery here, but below are some of my favourite shots.

No one does it better than Tiffany & Co.

Lots of… love!


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