Master Bedroom Inspiration

Hard at Work in the Hallway

My husband and I agreed that with the front entry renovation complete, we would take a break from construction over the holidays. He has been working so hard, and a break was well deserved. Plus, drywall dust and Christmas tress wouldn’t mix well. But by Christmas Day, he was already itching to get started!!! So much for not renovating until January. =) Fine by me! The faster we get this house done, the happier I’ll be. So he started on tasks in the hallway that didn’t create too much dirt and dust – pulling off trim and door frames and removing the wood paneling. On December 28th, I packed away all of the Christmas decorations and the real construction work began. The hallway is a fairly simple project – it’s long and narrow so we don’t want to overwhelm the space with wallpaper or pattern. The walls will be a very light gray (Passive by Sherwin Williams), and we’ll continue our crown and baseboard from the front entry. New doors, new trim and our espresso coloured engineered maple floor.

With the hallway on it’s way to completion, we’ve been talking about the next step – our Master Bedroom. I’ve been perusing House and Home online, other design blogs, and Pinterest for photos. Here are some master bedroom designs we’ll be using as inspiration.

Love the shade of gray on the walls, the chandelier and linens.

Curtains hung from just below the crown is a super glamorous look. I like this alternative chandelier style.

The use of pattern in this room design is inspiring. I love the highlights of purple.

Unfortunately, my husband tells me we don't have enough uninterrupted wall space to do trim work like this, but the soft wall colour with the addition of bold prints and accents is inspiring.

Can’t wait to be lounging in our Master Suite! Once complete, I’ll be sure to post before and after pictures. Happy Sunday!

5 Comments on “Master Bedroom Inspiration

  1. Great stuff Kate! I really love the airy feel to the room in the first picture. The colour scheme in the first pic is more….. me I think? – the colours create a great mood. I think I would love the patterned decor in the other rooms for the first few months – then I’d want to switch back to a more muted look.

    • I hear ya! I think if you use bold patterns it’s important that they can be more easily changed – like throws or curtains. Thanks for reading Rahma!

  2. Wow, I love all of those pictures, and might have just pinned one or two myself 🙂 I just painted our future master bedroom a darker gray, and want a white duvet cover so that the accents can pop. Good luck with your reno!

  3. Hey Kate,

    The first one has a similar ‘feel’ to what we’re creating! Looks lovely in concept and with you two at the helm the finished product will be wonderful!


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