The Front Entry

As mentioned in a previous posts, we have recently completed the renovation of our front entry. After a 2 month blitz of downstairs in an effort to get a tenant in – see post ‘The Suite’ here – our first project upstairs seemed to take sooo much longer. Our plan for library paneling added additional difficulty to the project – lines and measurements took time to discuss and lay out. But the results are beyond FABULOUS, it was well worth the wait. I’m so proud of the attention to detail, the thought put into every piece of trim, every plank of floor. The change is stunning. From dark, dingy, green walls with wood paneling, to a bright, warm, and sophisticated entry.

It was a complete re-do. We* scraped the popcorn, ceiling, removed all the paneling. Insulation was added between the interior walls to deaden sound between the suite and our space. A front hall closet was built where the stairs used to go down- with that change, we gained additional floor space, plus storage! New drywall was put up, mudded, sanded. We opted to paint the trimwork in the same colour as the walls – Sherwin Williams “Pure White”, but in a semi-gloss, whereas the walls were eggshell. The floor is an espresso coloured engineered maple, that clicks together easily and doesn’t need gluing. We carried the floor up the tops of the stairs, but had to custom stain bullnoses to match. This floor will eventually go throughout the whole of the upstairs level, unifying the space.  Elegant baseboards and beautiful crown molding finish off the space. Touches of black have been added as highlights – the door handle, closet pull, mail slot and a wrought iron key chain holder.

Well, enough talk! Here are photos of our new entry, followed by before and after comparisons.



Even at night, the space is much brighter and more open. New entry glass, new door too.

Where the stairs used to go down, we closed it off, built out the floor and added a front hall closet.

Drastic difference!! Looking back at the entry from the living room.

So happy with the transformation!

*Note: While I say we, Manaen did most of the work here. I assisted, and consulted.

4 Comments on “The Front Entry

  1. I find the last photo (the stairs) to show the most dramatic change, although I’m one of the lucky ones to see the changes in person. Of course I’m a little partial to the front entry . The best thing about walking through your front door is not the beautiful remodeled entrance, but the welcoming arms of my baby girl and her husband. Regardless – extremely well done – are you available for consultations?


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