Feather Christmas Tree – How To

Upon unpacking Christmas ornaments and setting up the tree, I realized that we need to stock up on some decor. A larger house calls for more decorations!  We recently finished our first renovation project upstairs, and our newly decorated entryway is all white, with gorgeous paneling, an espresso wood floor and accents of black brought in through details like the door handle, hinges, closet pull and mail slot. With the newly added front hall closet, there is now a flat, white ‘landing’ on top, visible from the second level living room, where we have displayed a black fleur de lis sculpture. What a perfect place to feature some Christmas decor! I instantly knew what I wanted – an elegant, modern take on a Christmas tree, miniature size.

So, off I went, looking for the perfect item. There were sparkle trees and tinsel trees, but I instantly fell for a pair of feather Christmas trees in a local home decor store. They were just slightly varied in size, and made of natural coloured feathers with hints of brown and black. They also had a skinny, streamlined silhouette. I was in love! The problem – it was $50 for the set. Normally, this wouldn’t be an issue for an item I covet, but I’m working to stop the downward spiral and get myself out of debt.

I stood there in the store, wishing there was a more affordable option. Picking one of the trees up, and turning it over, I made note of it’s construction – a flimsy piece of cardboard was rolled into a cone, glued along one edge and left open on the bottom.

Hey – I could do this! And even improve on it’s construction with some help from my hubby.

A trip to the dollar store, a quick Google Search and I had my plans. Black feather trees would be perfect for the colour scheme in our front entry!

In summary…

2 x bags of black feathers – $3.00
2 x black poster boards – $3.00
2 hours hubby time
2 hours Kate time

…resulted in these lovelies, and a proud girl!

To make your own feather Christmas tree, you’ll need:

1) Feathers
2) A glue gun
3) Either a styrofoam cone OR poster board, rolled into a cone.  To help with the strength of the tree, cut out an additional circle piece the size of the bottom of the cone, and glue in place.
4) A popsicle stick or chopstick, to help place the feathers without burning your fingers on the hot glue

Sort the feathers into 3 piles – large, medium and small. Starting with the large ones, glue the first layer of feathers so the bottoms just graze the working surface. Place glue on the back so the bottom of the feathers sweep out. Place the next row about an inch higher, and continue adding layers until complete, switching to medium sized feathers about 1/3 the way up, and then small feathers in the top few rows.

Have you had success with any Christmas crafting projects this year? I would love to hear about them.

Happy crafting. =)

7 Comments on “Feather Christmas Tree – How To

  1. Delightful ~ wait until Milo discovers them! And how do you make it snow on your trees ~ very cool!

  2. Love it!!!! I can’t think of a place to put them, but I want to make some anyway. Perhaps a gift… Thanks, Kate!

  3. You never cease to amaze me, Kate! They’re gorgeous. I too share in your love of feather Christmas Trees. Dare I say…feather wreaths are also a fave. (Your next project, maybe?) 🙂

  4. Delightful, thanks for sharing. BTW: I want 2 hours (and more) Kate time!

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