Paris From My Perspective

Sitting at my desk, I begin randomly browsing the contents of my computer. Over the years, the number and hierarchy of folders has deepened, so I’m clicking through archives and exploring my own history, organized neatly into little categories.

I come across photos of trips to Europe, and many happy memories of Paris resurface. It made me think – we view images so differently than we did in the past. Instead of flipping through old polaroids haphazardly stored in a shoe box, we download from digital cameras to our hard drives, save them in a labelled folder, maybe post them to Facebook, and then probably forget about them. Unless of course you are sitting at your desk, have time to waste (which we so rarely do), and happen upon the folders again.

Now, I have printed and framed many photos from our trip to Europe in 2009, even creating and having my own book printed to feature them. However, it took me a year to do it. And photos from the latest trip haven’t made it past Facebook. I need to fix that.

But in the meantime, I thought I’d share some of those lovely photographs on my blog. Here is Paris, from my perspective.

{Photos are the property of Kate Senkow. Please do not use without permission.}

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