A Night In

“There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort.”
Jane Austen

Over the past few weeks I’ve had some fun evenings out with the girls. We glam up our hair, layer on the makeup, toil over our outfits and wear heels that have us limping by the end of the night. Drinks and laughs and late nights. Rihanna was amazing at the end of June, and on Tuesday we’re going to the Katy Perry concert – so much fun!! But tonight, after a day of browsing and shopping South Granville, I had the hankering to get in my PJs before 8pm, catch up on my blogs and take in some TV reruns. Miss Austen’s quote above perfectly matched my mood. Sometimes staying at home is just as good. Different, but good. Balance I think is so important – spending time with your man, spending time alone, and spending time hitting the town with a few good girlfriends. The best of all worlds. =)

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