A Visual Life

For a couple years now I’ve been following a blog called The Sartorialist by Scott Schuman. The street fashion he photographs is inspiring, no doubt, but to me, the photos seem to capture something else, something deeper than the outfit this person is wearing. I wonder where they were going and if they dress like that every day. I study their expressions and their features to create a story about this individual and what they’ve seen in their lifetime.

He recently posted a short documentary that Intel filmed about his work. I love how this man is so well known in the fashion industry, but people are still unsure or taken aback when he asks to take their photograph. That is, until they realize he’s the “man behind the camera”.

His everyday involves wandering around city streets studying people and looking for that perfect shot. I envy his job in that he made a career out of people watching and he gets to travel the world doing it. But when watching the film, I wonder if it’s ever a bit lonely.

2 Comments on “A Visual Life

  1. Thank you, Kate. I loved this! You should see the pic of my Nana that Steph got enlarged for mom. I wish I had a copy… anyway it is by a 1930’s photographer similar to this fellow.


  2. You always manage to find the most interesting of subjects Kate! I have added his blog to my ‘favourites’, second only to yours. What an interesting career and outlook he possesses.

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