i’m loving…

1)      Falling for Fall

Nothing is more refreshing than the cool, crisp, fall air. Our landscape is changing as leafs turn brilliant, burnt shades and fall to the ground. Fog hovers over the harbour and steam rises from the ground on the farmlands as I pass by on my morning commute. Nature is getting ready to sleep for a while, and it’s a marvel to watch as the season changes.

Stunning Fall Scenery

Fog settling over farm

2)      Covering Up

Along with the cooler season comes big, chunky, cuddly knits and layering. It’s a welcome and cozy change for me – I’m much more comfortable in a mild climate and enjoy dressing more in fall or spring than in summer. There are wonderful options in stores right now. I found some lovely pieces at Tommy Hilfiger yesterday – they have a great promotion on right now and the inventory was just my style. Also loving Aritzia’s TNA wool sweater collection.

TNA Diamond Lambswool Sweater

3)      Turning the Fireplace On

I’ve never had a working fireplace of my own before, and how nice it is to add some ‘cozy’ to the room by the simple flick of a switch! On a rainy, gray, fall afternoon it’s so calming and peaceful to stay in and snuggle up in front of the fire.

A cozy fire

4)      Belgian Hot Cocoa from Blenz

There’s no better hot chocolate around! At least, I haven’t found anything yet that could beat Blenz’s hot chocolate. Made with real Belgian chocolate chips, the smooth, rich taste is luxury in a cup to-go. They melt the chips and mix them with steaming hot milk right in front of you – no mocha syrup used here! With your choice of dark, white or milk chocolate, you can’t go wrong.

mmmmm.... chocolate

5)      Modcloth.com

A friend told me about this fab online store with vintage and vintage-inspired clothing, shoes and accessories. I was astonished by the amount of selection and the artistic, pretty pieces. The shoe section is to die-for! Definitely worth a browse, even if for inspiration alone!


3 Comments on “i’m loving…

  1. Just enjoyed my first mug of dark chocolate for the year at Blenz yesterday – YUM!

  2. Blenz is definitely the best hot chocolate around!
    Another great post Kate!

  3. Definitely Blenz H.C. time! In a cosy sweater by the misty river! Love this piece, Kate.

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