Finding a Mental Oasis

When you’ve had a stressful day and need a mental escape, where do you turn? I find that getting my mind off work or school is a much harder task than it used to be.  And unfortunately, escaping on a whim for a Parisian vacation isn’t in the cards – I have to pick up where I left off at 5pm (sometimes much later) to get right back into it the next morning.

So how do you spend those precious hours every night between the tense evening commute and settling down into bed? How do you take advantage of the free time you do have (when not cooking, cleaning or organizing) to clear your mind, bring inspiration and focus on positive energy?

I personally have a few escapes.

The first is logging onto my Google Reader to catch up on my favourite, non-work related blogs. I make a point of subscribing only to blogs about enjoying and savoring the beautiful things of life.  Feminine and colourful photos strew the pages, full of inspiration for fashion, home décor, travel and baking. I imagine myself living inside them then release a deep breath along with any worries.

Another is taking my Electra Townie cruiser for a ride along the river, just before dusk. I cherish the cool air, the breeze in my hair and the sound my bike makes when it still has momentum but I’ve stopped peddling.

Sometimes it’s just sipping a cup of black loose leaf tea on my balcony in the early morning.

Lighting a candle.

Laying in a hot bath.  

Turning off the TV and picking up a book.

Reflecting in a journal.

Standing up and just moving – moving your body where and how it feels like being moved.

Everyone should have a place they go, be it real or imaginary, that they can call their Mental Oasis. 

Where’s yours?

3 Comments on “Finding a Mental Oasis

  1. Love this post!

    I like a nice relaxing yoga class. Always feel energized after!
    Loose leaf ‘Calm’ tea from Nikaido.
    Reading a book.
    Going someplace with my camera and taking photos.
    Listening to Russill Paul.
    Watching a Jane Austen movie.

  2. I go to the forest and feel the energy from the trees. Sometimes I meditate, sometimes I hug them, and sometimes both or more, connecting to nature is a Mental Oasis for me,

  3. My mental oasis is divided;

    ~ In nature; walking, running, gardening or enjoying the outdoors defragging the mind with my hubby.


    ~ Snuggling in the arms of my man! The time just before falling asleep or just waking up… bliss!

    Thanks for the reminder Kate!

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