i’m loving…

1) Peonies

Peonies recently came into season and I’m seeing them everywhere I turn! They are my favourite flower – elegant but less structured than roses, I love how organic feeling they are. There are so many different varieties available, all with their own unique characteristics.  These multi-toned ones from Dutch Girl Peonies are especially lovely. Peonies are on my dining table lately!

A few quick facts courtesy of the flowerexpert.com:

  • The Roman legions first brought Peonies to England in about year 1200.
  • Peonies were described in botanical books as early as 1636
  • The Japanese name for the Peony, Ebisugusuri means medicine from China. In traditional folk medicine, Peony root was used as a treatment for menstrual cramps, asthma and convulsions.

 2) Cruiser Bikes

Perfect for an amateur bike rider like myself who wants to leisurely and stylishly get some exercise while enjoying the warm weather. Getting from place to place on one of these bikes is a true pleasure. I especially like riding along the water or country roads, taking in the sights as I pedal along.

I just purchased my own Electra Townie, pictured here. Its colouring and leather details give the bike a vintage feel. And of course, I’ve added a basket. =)

3) Pedestal Tables

Living in an apartment or small space requires furniture that makes the most of what you’ve got. When you need to seat an extra person at the table, it’s nice to have some flexibility without fumbling around with extensions or guests straddling either side of a table leg. Pedestal tables are a great option that allows for pulling up another chair when needed, plus adds some drama to your dining room.

Here are some great pedestal tables.



4) Phytomer Gommage Marin – Purifying Gommage Exfoliant

I was first introduced to this fabulous product at Raintree Wellness Spa in Richmond during a facial. A thin layer of the gommage exfoliant is applied to the skin and allowed to dry, just to the point where it’s tacky. Then the skin is rubbed in small circles and dead skin cells are gently removed with the product, leaving skin renewed and glowing.  

5) Les Choristes Soundtrack

This sweet and moving film has a soundtrack that gives me goosebumps. I first heard this song playing in the breakfast room of our Montreal  B&B.

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