Vintage Family Photos

The Sartorialist recently held a photo contest where fans were asked to send in vintage photos that portray an inspirational sense of style. Seeing all of these fabulous entries inspired me to share some old photographs of my family.

In gathering the photos from my parents and Grandparents, I heard so many wonderful and intriguing stories of my ancestors. On my father’s side, both families have a long history in Canada starting from the 1600’s when they arrived from Europe. The Bouchard’s settled mostly in Quebec, the Morin’s called Nova Scotia their home. Pictured below are the Bouchards posing at their General Store in Montreal. My Grandma’s father, Vince Masterson, and his brother were on active service in WW1 stationed in Siberia. The photo below is of them in 1917, shortly before leaving Canada. My Grandma has a great postcard sending “Seasons Greetings” from Vince which he sent from Siberia, Nov 1918,  to his brother Ed. Amazing! These stories are like little treasures to me.

I have less information about my mother’s ancestors. On her paternal side, my great-grandfather fled to the United States from Russia in the early 1900’s and changed his last name to Jefferson. The story goes that he buried a Russian sword in the forest somewhere and never revealed his true last name to his children. My Papa Vaughn somehow discovered the name but the secrecy continued – he didn’t share it with my Mom or her brothers before his death.  We recently discovered that the name my great-grandfather left behind was Gazalinovich. He was a member of the Tsar’s calvary who fled the country for his life when the Bolshevik’s gained power.  It’s unbelievable to imagine what he saw and experienced…

I could stare at these photos for hours, imagining what my relatives were thinking or what was going on in their lives at that time. I personally possess only a couple of these, but hope that they will be handed down from generation to generation so the history will be kept alive.

Bouchard’s General Store, Montreal

Papa Vaughn Jefferson

Nanny Mary Jefferson

Vince & Neil Masterson – 1917

Grandma Lois, 1939

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