Impromptu Dinner at the Teahouse

Last week flew by so quickly that by Friday afternoon we had barely even thought about plans for the weekend! On my way home from work our phone conversation went something like this….. “What do you want to do?”……“I dunno. What do you want to do?”. “hmmmm… I don’t know… what do you want to do?”

 How exciting.

All we knew was that we didn’t feel like cooking, so when I received a text from a friend asking if we wanted to go out for dinner, we jumped on it! Indecisiveness was threatening to be the theme of the evening though as it was hard to choose a restaurant, but when our friend arrived dressed to impress we quickly upgraded our outfits and decided on the Teahouse at Stanley Park.

Yes, they’re calling it the Teahouse again. Not sure when the name changed back from Sequoia Grill… I must be a bit behind.  Although we missed the sunset due to our slow decision making, we did get a fabulous window table as the sky turned deep blue.  The gardens around the restaurant are so gorgeous, and the lighting at night is stunning. After ordering drinks and devouring the delicious bread, I enjoyed a bowl of silky smooth and piping hot Organic Carrot Soup with crème fraiche. Our friend had the rich Lobster Bisque.

We moved on to Stuffed Mushrooms with Dungeness crab and mascarpone cheese and polished off a side order of poutine. Up next were our main courses – I choose the Queen Charlotte Island Halibut and have to say that I never want to have halibut again unless it comes with white navy beans. The warmth and comfort of the beans compliments the light, flaky fish so nicely! I had a similar dish once at West, but preferred the Teahouse version with baby squid and lemon parsley vinaigrette. The hubby’s lamb was coated with a hazelnut and mint rub which was mouth-watering, and our girlfriend had their fancy hamburger that had gourmet toppings including Portobello mushrooms. For dessert we shared an organic honey Crème Brule that was the perfect finish to a wonderful, impromptu meal!

2 Comments on “Impromptu Dinner at the Teahouse

  1. I think it’s awesome how poutine has become a ‘hip’ food.


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