A Breath of Fresh Air

Tina Fey is a breath of fresh air this month as she graces the March cover of Vogue. Her career is practically a case study of how to be successful in hollywood while maintaining self-respect and leveraging  intelligence rather than cleavage.

My favourite quotes from the article:

…she has managed to bend the world of television toward her particular brand of superfunnysmart feminism.

“That said, to talk about the impact of fashion is really interesting. I think so much of it is tied into feminism. I am a post-baby boomer who has been handed a sort of Spice Girls’ version of feminism. We’re supposed to be wearing half-shirts and jumping around. And, you know, maybe that’s not panning out.”

” think women dress for other women to let them know what their deal is. Because if women were only dressing for men, there would be nothing but Victoria’s Secret. There would be no Dior.”

“…every person, no matter who you are—how tall you are, how short you are—some things work on you and some things don’t.”

Tina Fey, Vogue Tina Fey, Vogue

Tine Fey, Vogue

Tina Fey, Vogue4

Tina Fey, March Vogue Cover

2 Comments on “A Breath of Fresh Air

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