i’m loving…

things i’m loving…   

1) The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes by Granada Television   

I am thoroughly enjoying the episodes of Sherlock Holmes, filmed between 1984 and 1994 by Granada Television. We’re about halfway through the box set and love the quirky characteristics that Jeremy Brett brings to the character. Secretly, or not so secretly now, I’ve developed a bit of a crush on Brett and would love to see him playing a different character as well – I’ll have to hunt down some films he’s appeared in. I recently read a collection of Arthur Conan Doyle’s stories about the adventures of Sherlock and his dear friend Dr. Watson and its fabulous to see them come to life on the screen. The relationship between Watson and Holmes is captured in the movements, looks and body language of the actors that I didn’t pick up on or imagine when reading.   

2) Afternoon Tea   

I am seriously considering campaigning for Canadians to partake in a proper Tea on a daily basis. I love sitting down with a friend in the late afternoon to enjoy each other’s company over a soothing cup of tea. There just aren’t enough English-style tea houses in the Lower Mainland, and I would love to bring one to Richmond eventually. My two favourites are The Secret Garden and Adonia in Kerrisdale. The Secret Garden is a lovely, gourmet option. The food is delicious and indulgent, however it is more expensive and harder to get a reservation. Being so popular, they’re a bit particular about seatings so if I don’t have the patience to wait or crave tea on a whim, I head over to the Adonia Tea House. The customer service is fine but not overly warm. I was pleasantly surprised that in addition to a three-tiered tray of mini sandwiches and desserts, you receive  scones, fruit, chocolate mousse and pana cotta. Bonus: Adonia also offers a mini-afternoon tea if you’re on a budget. 

3) Old Movies   

I am totally enamoured with old movies! I could watch TCM or Silverscreen Classics for days on end. Last weekend I caught ‘Operation Petticoat’ starring Cary Grant and Tony Curtis. It is a charming comedy set on a US submarine stationed in Japan during the Second World War. The crew take on a group of female army nurses who need to be evacuated from the area, which results in some very interesting and hilarious scenarios as the crew get used to having females on board. Things get more and more convoluted and in an effort to improvise with the supplies available to them, the submarine ends up getting a fresh new coat of PINK lead paint. Here’s a preview of the movie, enjoy! 

4) Balenciaga Bag   

I covet...


7 Comments on “i’m loving…

  1. I’ll keep an eye open for that Balagencia bag … you know where :):) xoxo

    • haha! If it makes it to the thrift store it will probably be 20 years from now unfortunately!!

  2. Kate! where do you rent the old movies? the Rogers by my place has the worst selection of classics

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