New Year’s Eve at Gudrun

Farmstead Wine

Gudrun, a fairly recent addition to the Steveston community, is a fabulous cheese, meat and wine tasting room in Richmond. The owner Patrick has sourced some of the best in local and international products that are reflected on the ever changing blackboard menu.

Cheese and Meat Combination Platters

This New Years we spent a great evening there with friends. The vibe at Gudrun was festive and friendly, with customers happily sharing tables so all could enjoy. A live DJ supplied funky background tunes. Patrick, always smiling and chatty, recommended a bio-dynamic, foot stomped wine that took forever to source. We gladly took his recommendation and shared a bottle of Farmstead Basic Red. Yum! We ordered Leek and Bacon soup that was warming and light, followed by two combination platters, A and B. If one of the meats or cheeses on the Combination Platter doesn’t appeal to you (we’re not very fond of blue) feel free to request a substitute from the chalkboard, it won’t be a problem! All platters come with a variety of delectable accompaniments – some of our favs being dried figs, juicily ripe mango, quince paste and pistachios. All platters come with endless bread.

This particular evening we especially enjoyed a creamy riopelle, aged smoked cheddar and the sopressata, but every visit to Gudrun is one that you – and your taste buds – will remember!

Visit to learn more about Patrick and his restaurant.

Gudrun Tasting Room


5 Comments on “New Year’s Eve at Gudrun

  1. Loved this place! A great and unique vibe in Steveston. Wine list is fabulous and ever-changing and the staff has excellent wine knowledge and a friendly, down-to-earth approach to service. We’ll be back for sure!

  2. Hello! Patrick’s beautiful location was the setting for our little romantic comedy about finding connections, “Afternoon at Gudrun”! The movie is being finished right now (you can see a trailer following my name’s link) and is looking for small donations to achieve completion!

    Invest in the arts – be part of something great! 🙂

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