i’m loving…

things i’m loving…

1) Brit Sheer by Burberry

I had almost run out of the gorgeously fruity Escada Moonsparkle, and although the name is unfortunate (I mix it up with ‘Moon Shine’ all the time) it’s been one of my favourite scents. Every year Escada tweaks the fragrance, so regrettably it is no longer available. I took a trip the other day to the Bay’s fragrance department, determined to find a new smell. Luckily, I came across Burberry’s Brit Sheer perfume. The bottle is feminine without being ostentatious and the scent is fresh, fruity and light. The sales representative just raved about the fragrance and assured me that Brit Sheer would not disappoint!

2) Super Mario Brothers for Wii

We received this game as a Christmas present and had so much fun with it over the break. A throw back to the past, this time around up to 4 players can participate simultaneously. Whether you choose to work together or sabotage one another, it makes for an interesting experience either way. Enjoy the game, but don’t take it personally if your friends throw you off a cliff!

3) The Young Victoria

I thoroughly enjoyed this movie starring Emily Blunt and Rupert Friend. Victoria struggles with whom she can trust when she is crowned the Queen of England after her beloved, and eccentric, uncle King William passes away. Queen Victoria and Prince Albert are initially thrust together by relations in hopes that they’ll marry. Despite the initial meddling, they find true love and great respect for one another. It’s a wonderfully romantic love story that also depicts a struggle for control and discovery of one’s inner strength.

4) Russill Paul

I discovered Russill’s music at Y.Yoga’s Yin class. His chants are absolutely entrancing. They helped slow my mind and deepen my breath during yoga class. At home they are perfect for relaxation and meditation. I’ve even played his music while stuck in a particularly horrible traffic jam – it was either that or hit my head against the steering wheel over and over again… If you’re looking for music to help connect with your yoga practice, I would recommend downloading his songs. Available on iTunes.

One Comment on “i’m loving…

  1. ‘Enjoy the game, but don’t take it personally if your friends throw you off a cliff!’

    I LOVE Russill Paul as well, helps me wind down at the end of the day

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