Out with the Old

One thing that always feels wonderful to do in preparation for a New Year is to de-clutter! I feel so centered and peaceful once I’ve gotten rid of unnecessary and unwanted possessions and made room for special items. I try to clean out my closet at least twice a year to get rid of the old and make room for the new.

Here are my personal “rules” that I follow when cleaning out my closet.

1) There are two stages to cleaning out your closet– it’s a cycle. First, remove anything you haven’t worn for 6 months (other than seasonal or special occasion outfits) from your hangers. Fold it neatly and place it in a drawer or bag, tucked away. Second, those clothes now wait until the next time you’re de-cluttering. If you still haven’t worn or looked for these items away since you tucked them away, it’s definitely time to move on. Repeat with every closet purge!

2) Feel self-conscious in it? It’s not right. For some reason we tend to keep mistake purchases just because we thought it looked good at the time or we feel guilty that the money was spent and now we never wear it. If you feel self-conscious in it, get rid of it! Chalk it up to a moment of bad judgment and move on, it’s just taking up space in your closet anyway.

3) Holes? Faded? Trash it! Again, why keep something you’re not going to wear or look like a bum going out in? Trash all your socks with holes in them (our Grandmothers would be shocked! But socks aren’t worth mending anymore) Get rid of those bras with the underwire sticking out, faded darks or stockings with runs.

4) Re-Organize! I like to organize my closet first by the type of the article and then by colour. Bottoms like pants and skirts are kept on the lower portion of my closet, along with hoodies, sweaters and bulkier items. On the top rack is where I keep all my shirts and tops, which are organized by colour.  Most special occasion outfits are kept in our second bedroom closet, in a hanging closet organizer from IKEA that is made of plastic to protect the garment. IKEA clear front shoe organizers are also a life saver.  I think it’s important to have some order to your closet – it’s so much easier to find things that way.

5) Be Creative. One thing I’ve always found hard to organize is the growing number of scarves I have in my collection. I change up my scarf daily and need them well within reach. After struggling with them every morning, I finally got creative and purchased removable hooks from our local hardware store. I placed about 4 of them on the inside of our front hall closet doors and voila! They are now easily accessible and organized.

6) Donate everything wearable to charity. There’s no need to throw out perfectly good clothing just because you’ve tired of it. Donate all of your old items to a local charity. My choice is the Treasure Cottage Thrift Store in Steveston, where all profits go to support kids and youth in need.

I’m off to clean out my closet now! Happy organizing.

2 Comments on “Out with the Old

  1. A good trick for shoes is to get rid of their original boxes, and get some clear plastic ones. It saves time when looking for a pair.

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