Fashion Inspiration

In Monday’s “i’m loving…” post I mentioned how I’m crazy about The Sartorialist and his amazing photographs of street style inspiration from all over the world. 

There is an abundance of style inspiration blogs and articles online that I am only just beginning to discover. I’d like to share some of my favourite looks with you! 

The Sartorialist

The Young Stockbroker, Sydney 

I love this look! The sophistication of her structured, high waisted pencil skirt and the beautifully feminine ruffled top are gorgeous together. Her accessories give the outfit a flirty and less stuffy feel. 









The Sartorialist

An American in London, London

So effortlessly chic. I love the way she’s layered her t-shirts underneath the boyfriend blazer and the roll in her jeans. 









The Sartorialist

The Tiniest Tie Clip, NYC

This outfit makes me think of a modernized version of what one of the characters would wear on Mad Men. Love his eyeglass frames! 










The Sartorialist

Rivington St., NYC

This man knows  style. I am totally feeling his overall look here. The red ascot and polka dot pocket square are what makes this ensemble really pop. Why don’t men where hats anymore? They should.

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