Rib Cage

a bird lives within my torso. In a cage I made of ribs. beady eyed, panic-stricken. he flings his tiny body, bashing against this prison of my making. desperately trying to break free.   he sings the darkest of songs. telling stories of a life wasted. Of risks not taken. threatening more profound connection, more fervent adventure. of all life could be if I…

pigott road, richmond bc

Pigott Road

On Pigott Road, the houses were all the same. Small, three bedroom bungalows with the living room up front, kitchen around back, and a laundry room on the side of the house. When invited over to a new friend’s house on the street, I was always dying with curiosity, my little heart pounding with anticipation to see what life was like in their bungalow….

alex & lily, home decor, design, organization, event planning

Guest Post: Personalizing your Rental Space by Alex & Lily

I am pleased to bring you a guest post today by Alexandra Cooper, Principal of Alex & Lily Home. Alex & Lily is located in Vancouver, BC and offers interior design, home organization and event planning services. No closet is too messy, no kitchen too small and no celebration too quiet to deserve Allie’s thoughtful attention and creativity. I have personally witnessed how Allie’s attention to detail…


Natalia Anja

Natalia Anja will make you feel beautiful. I certainly felt that way after my first professional photoshoot with her this past fall.  After months of hard work on diet, exercise, and lifestyle changes, I decided it was time to do something for myself. I had also been wanting professional headshots taken for use on social media profiles and here at Things I’m Loving, so began…


Kat Ciecierska

Kat Ciecierska’s energy is infectious. I’ve known her for a long time, and although we’ve both gone through various transformations over the years (as you do) I clearly recall her always having a positive outlook on life. This, I imagine, comes in handy when your job is helping others achieve their personal fitness goals. Kat is a personal trainer who has been in the…

Kate Senkow Who to Follow Instagram

Who to Follow

Instagram is my go-to social media platform. Countless posts by those I follow have motivated me to get some exercise in, go for a walk, prepare a meal from scratch, experiment with a recipe, or play with a new outfit combination. My appreciation of the app has a lot to do with being a bit of an aesthete. I’ve always deeply appreciated aesthetics and the visual nature of…

Image source: Frame Denim

i am loving… FRAME Denim, Fabletics, Ponchos and more

Chilly mornings, dark evenings, and setting our clocks back  leads me to deduce it really is November. Otherwise, I wouldn’t believe it. Time has passed too quickly. It’s not possible. “What, already?” My body is adjusting despite my heart’s efforts to the contrary. I crave movie nights in, long naps, cozy knits and scarves around my neck. Red wine with dinner (Oh, wait, that happens year…

Kate's Curry Chicken Flatbread

Gluten-Free Curry Chicken Flatbread

As a foodie who also likes to get creative in her own kitchen, I post many photos of experiments in baking and cooking on my social media accounts. Recently, this curry chicken flatbread got tons of interest from followers, with friends asking me to share the recipe – I thought I’d post here on Things I’m Loving as well! This is a completely gluten-free dish packed with healthy greens…

Celia Dress

Necessary Clothing and Buying Online

I am officially a fan of Necessary Clothing. Ask my friends and coworkers, and they’ll tell you I have been receiving many a package direct from Broadway, NYC.  My personal style rule is to invest in the long-term, classic staples, but when wanting to have a bit of fun with your wardrobe, I’m a supporter of scouring stores like H&M and Zara for great deals…


Sabatino’s Trattoria for Food with Thought

I recently reviewed Sabatino’s Trattoria & Bar in South Surrey for Food With Thought. Following is an excerpt – Visit foodwiththought.ca to read the full article. Happy dining! Hearty, flavourful Italian in a comfortable setting. Upon arriving for a relatively early dinner on a Friday evening, we were seated promptly on the lounge side of the restaurant at a table next to the bar. A few…


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